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Bungamati, Kirtipur and Chovar

holy river Bagmati

Bungamati River

Bungamati Nepal is a classic Newari village which is situated 5 km south-west of Patan and 8 km south of Kathmandu. The huge shikhara-style temple (dedicated to Machindranath). In the center of the village is a beauty of the place and additional small Mountain on all sides of the shrine collaborate to make the Bungmati temple more heavenly. The village is naturally astonishing. It is shaded by large trees and strands of bamboos, which compel you to walk through beautiful fresh nature on foot. Bungmati history says it is the hometown of deity Machhindranath.


Kirtipur Nepal is a small town 8 km southwest from Kathmandu and situated on top of a hill. Nepal’s premier seat of education Tribhuvan University is located at the foothills of Kirtipur Location. This historic town has many things to see such as old shrines, temples, ancient houses, about Newari culture and people dressed in traditional costume while working on ancient looms. The land area is mostly cultivated that give an amazing cultivation view that is an addition to the natural beauty of Kirtipur. It is the best day trips from Katmandu to enjoy peace of nature with culture.


Chovar Nepal is the place of historical importance. It is famous for its historical Chovar gorge Nepal which is said to be cut by Lord Manjushree to drain water from the Kathmandu valley which was a lake once upon a time. On the hilltop is a temple of Adinath Lokeshwar which was originally built in the 15th century. Chovar Fun Park is one of the attractions for many people nowadays.

chovar cave of Bagmati River

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