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Changunarayan Temple

temple of ancient Malla's rules in Bhaktapur called Changunarayan Temple.

Changu Narayan considers being the oldest temple of Nepal. It remains a milestone in Nepali architecture temple. The two-story roof temple stands on a high plinth of stone. It has been an architectural style which he would like to describe as a traditional Nepali temple. Many similar features are found at Gokarna Mahadev. The temple surrounds by sculptures and arts related to Lord Vishnu. There are four entrances to the temple and these gates are a guard by life-size pairs of animals such as lions, Sarabhai, griffins and elephants on each side of the entrances. The ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu and the other idols are carved in the struts, which support the roof.

Similarly, To the north of the temple is the statue of Vishnu seat on a Garuda. The sculpture dates back to the 9th century and is yet another attraction in the area. The temple’s true gem is the much older sculptures dotted around the courtyard. The statue of Vishnu in a half man and a half lion incarnation called Narsingha is something not be a missed because It dates back to 464 AD. Another statue shows Vishnu as Vikrant/Vamana, the six-arm dwarf who later transforms into a giant. The beautifully carved image is around 1500 years old.


temple of ancient Malla's rules in Bhaktapur called Changunarayan Temple.
temple of ancient Malla’s rules in Bhaktapur called Changunarayan Temple.

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