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Travel Info

Nepal is the most beautiful and the most friendly- visited country in the world. Visas are easily applied in this country through TIA Tribhuvan International Airport.

Travel Tips

If You are the First Time in Nepal? Please take care about your Document and another Requirement document Which is listing Below. Don’t forget your any ID, Passport expires Dare etc. Please Look and Read Carefully This Tips Before Visiting Nepal.


  1. It is advisable to carry two forms of Photo ID.
  2. Make sure your passport is at least valid for six months.
  3. Calling the Embassy of the country you are visiting and check if you require a Visa / Transit Visa is always helpful.
  4. Consulting your Doctor for immunizations is advisable.
  5. Take more of your personal stuff or gifts by buying the light suitcase.
  6. Travel protection insurance in advisable.
  7. Note down your Passport Number, Visa Number, Traveler’s Check numbers.
  8. It is advisable to check the baggage allowance in the website of the airlines you fly with or call them.
  9. As there are always long lines at airport security, check-in at least 3 hours before your departure time, This is strongly recommended.
  10. It is advisable to check on your reservation before you travel with the Airlines / Travel Agency.
  11. Drink a lot of fluids while you are flying.
  12. Please request your agent to assign your seats you desire.
  13. Do not forget your meal request.

Please use the following guideline if your flight gets canceled or delayed:

1. Immediately talk to the ground staff of the airlines to reroute you through other Airlines as it is their responsibility to reach you to your destination. It is under IATA resolution and they have to follow the rule.

2.  If the ground staff is not helpful, try to talk to their supervisor or manager and they will help you.

3. If the airport staffs don’t help you then you either call the concern Airlines reservation or call your travel agent.

The airlines will only help you if the flight is canceled or delayed due to their fault.

But if you miss your flight due to late check-in or no-show, then the fare rule will apply. You will have to contact your travel agent and they will advise the next step.

Travel Agency is responsible only for your reservation and your special services such as seat assignment meals.  Baggage allowance is an agreement between the passenger and the airlines you are flying with.

The travel agency has no say in baggage allowance.

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