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    Trekking Routes and Advice for Nepal

    Trekking Routes and Advice for Nepal

    Publish Date:Wednesday, March 15th, 2017

    Trekking Routes in Nepal

    Trekking in Nepal is easy as well as difficult depending up on the route, age and fitness level of the trekkers. According to your age and fitness level you can choose the itinerary and / or customize it.

    There are various routes available for trekking  in different parts of the country. Some routes have local tea-houses and in some route you need to take tents and kitchen equipment’s. In popular routes you will find many tea houses with good facilities.  But less popular routes can provide tea houses with only basic needs. Everest Base Camp, Annapurna Base Camp, Langtang Valley etc are famous trekking routes.

    Though there are many tea houses in these famous routes.  In this tea houses  You may need to adjust in dining hall in peak tourist season. The prices of food & accommodation vary as per their location & mode of transportation available in that region.

    Almost all trekking routes are fine for every season.  But months are divided as peak season & off-season as per vacation in different countries in the world. There isn’t any month in which trekkers cannot trek in Nepal so you can choose as per your convenient. If you love to travel with many other nature lovers and health conscious the Autumn & Spring (peak season) will be best for you and if you love greenery Monsoon is better otherwise rest of the months will be favorable to you.

    Here are The Some Routes for Trekking in Nepal




    Everest Base camp in Nepal it is most popular routs for trekking in Nepal

    Trekking Advice for Nepal 

    There are many people who come to Nepal to add an adventure. As well as gain full exciting moments in their lives. It is better not to judge yourself and have ‘Yes I Can’ attitude for any trekking in Nepal. You need to motivate yourself to complete any kind of trekking in any season.

    Whatever the motivation is it will help you enjoy yourself during trekking. There is no competition if you are trekking in Nepal just feel that you love nature, your own health and want to spend time with people with beautiful smile. Dehydration is only problem faced by the normal trekkers so drink water regularly and keep moving as per normal itinerary which helps your body to adjust the altitude.

    General Advice for Trekking in Nepal.

    Please Check all of your documents like Passport, Air Ticket , Trekking materials(Shoes, Jacket, Some Dry Food, some medicine for Common medicine  )

    Health / Medical Advice for Trekking.

    But if you have any problem of medical condition please consult with the doctor before trekking in Nepal.

     High blood pressure, Heart conditions, Neurological disorders , Asthma , Pregnancy , Epilepsy, Artificial limbs, Previous dislocation, Recent strains, Recent breaks or recent surgery requiring stitches.




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